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During the last few years, Scott was using Farthest Reaches™ as his authorized distributor of his autographs He wrote: On the web, you might also consider visiting the good folks at Farthest Reaches™ where you will find for purchase, a wide selection of photographs that I have authentically hand signed.  Farthest Reaches™ will also be  happy to assist you with your custom autograph requests. Please contact them for additional information.

While there are other sources for authentic Scott Carpenter autographs [including the Astronaut Scholarship Fund], be careful of those that might appear on ebay and the like. They might be autopens of fakes. Please do your homework.

The following authentically Scott Carpenter signed pictures are a sample
of those that should be available for purchase [availability subject to change]

Please be advised that there is a fee for all of Cmdr. Carpenter's autographs.
Please direct ALL autograph requests to FarthestReaches.Com

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